Why Us


Feedback’s mission revolves around three core pillars – Clients, Feedbackers’ and Knowledge. Every strategic initiative in Feedback is woven around these three pillars.

A few specific reasons for considering Feedback Consulting:

  • Unique. There is no comparable firm in India with our track record of over 4,000 research and consulting engagements across sectors for over 600 clients, many of whom are leaders in their business sector
  • Vertical Expertise - Feedback has strong vertical practices across 7 sectors and over 50 sub sectors. Our knowledge aggregation helps clients run dynamic strategies consistently
  • Tangible results. We have been associated with projects that have resulted in over US$ 7 billion investments in India. Our high incidence of repeat business is testimony to this.
  • Expertise and wisdom. We have been around since 1985. Over 600 person years’ experience. The core team has been together for over a decade helping us leverage our body of knowledge.
  • Talent Pool. Currently, our 150 resources (many of them science, engineering and MBA graduates) operate out of 4 offices in India (Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai). Feedback has partner networks in all major markets around the world. Feedback has delivered market research led advisory services in over 28 countries.
  • Comprehensive service portfolio. Encompasses ready reports, market research, customer experience, business advisory and implementation assistance.
  • Customization. Services tailored for you based on your unique needs.
  • Improved customer experience. Our measurement and improvement services for 'customer satisfaction' is used by 'best in class' global firms to bench mark and improve their practices.
  • Cross pollination. Our experience across 50 diverse sectors is extremely useful in helping 'connect the dots', provide out of box insights and strategic road maps. It also helps clients pick best practices from across sectors to customize their own
  • 'Future Feedback' framework. Trend spotting by envisioning the market a decade from now for the area of interest and 'folding the future view in' to meet with the 'current state' of the market.