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You cannot report what is not captured and hence it is important to be double sure on what one wants from a customer interaction in the shortest possible time. Some points that can really help building an effective communication with the customers with a structured questionnaire are as below: Respondents have a really short attention […]

Often when Questionnaires are drafted, business executives presume that respondents are going to hand in the silver bullets/ magic pills to their business problems. So if we want to run a channel impact/engagement study to help meet the business objective of increasing sales for Firm X, there is a temptation to just ask the channel […]

What is not in your consumer’s mind cannot be in her consideration set. Hence Awareness There are some common pitfalls in conducting awareness studies. Some interesting experiences below: 1) Define the category very sharply: Increasingly the market is getting fragmented into categories and sub categories. For example beverage was understood as a single category some […]