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In golfing parlance the Indian economy optically looks like a 3 par – Lots of opportunity, perceptively less challenging than other comparable economies. Factually, it is as hard as a 5 par and requires some very high energy led, sharp and focussed approach to the pin. There are Infrastructure sectors that have shown considerable uptick. […]

India became the world’s fastest growing major economy in 2015. Growth numbers last year were helped by a move by the government to revise the methodology of how the country’s GDP was calculated, resulting in much higher figures. It continues to be the only bright spot standing in the BRIC mix as has been accepted […]

Most B2B firms worth their salt have a formal annual customer satisfaction/ engagement survey which is usually conducted by a central business enabling function i.e. marketing or a quality department. Firms usually review and act on the feedback at a company level Impressive read-outs, analysis are presented to CXOs, boards and management councils in an […]