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Feedback’s Off-The-Shelf division offers a wide range of products and services that provide in-depth insight into the Indian economy, important sectors and industries, suppliers and end users based on well-researched, real-time documents and data.

Our reports enable companies, venture capitalists and investors to:

  • Conduct exploratory research in new industries / sectors
  • Keep track of the latest trends in a particular sector / vertical
  • Review additional data points for internal strategic planning
  • Get valuable inputs while preparing a business plan
  • Prepare company releases for PR activities
  • Assess firms for acquisition

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Product Offerings

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    Ready Market Opportunity Reports – Global and India

    Market Opportunity reports provide standardized, up-to-date, researched information on some of the most significant sectors in India and across the globe. The overall objective is to provide an ‘as is’ view of the sector / market as well as provide a futuristic perspective in terms of setting out factors influencing and driving the future of the sector / market.

    Market Opportunity reports for period 2015 comprise of industry reports spanning over twenty sectors, that include Agriculture, Automobiles, Capital Goods, Chemicals, Construction, Consumer Goods, Education & Training, Energy, F&B, Engineering, Life Sciences, Logistics & Warehousing, Packaging, Metals & Mining, and Retail & Distribution. These reports are available for both Indian and Global markets.

    Sample ToC for Global Reports

    Sample ToC for Indian Reports

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    Company Profiles

    Feedback offers over 1500 company profiles covering key firms across industries in India. The profiles can be customized to suit your specific requirements.

    Specifically, the profiles include:

    • General information and Business description of the Company including Products & Services, Subsidiaries and their Global footprint
    • Financial performance information segmented by business & geography, CapEx details, Key indicators & Ratios, Company Statements, Assets and Key competition
    • Organizational structure and key people
    • Company Outlook including Growth drivers, Key challenges, Analyst views, Ratings and SWOT analysis
    • IT Related Information : Information on IT systems deployed and Details of IT spent

    Sample ToC of Company Profiles

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    City Construction Estimates

    Feedback tracks construction estimates across 14 states and 22 major cities across India.

     These reports:

    • Provide a half yearly picture with 5 year forecasts for construction activity (both in mn sq. ft. and value) based on a primary research driven approach
    • Cover over 11 different building types
    • Highlight key industry events and trends
    • Include lists of major construction projects announced and under implementation

    These estimates are based on a sample of over 500 respondents. The inputs of respondents are taken both at a city, regional and pan India level.

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    Capex Track

    Capex Track simultaneously tracks the status of several projects and investments made across various sectors in India. A minimum 12 month subscription is mandatory to avail of this service.

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    Sector Database

    Feedback’s Sector database is a comprehensive database that focuses on Sector structure, Major clusters, Trends & Growth drivers, Investment details, Government Regulations & Policies, Issues & Challenges, Technology innovations and advancements.

    Sample ToC for Sector Database Report

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    Indian Economy & State Demographics

    These reports cover macroeconomic indicators like population growth, age profiles, rate of urbanization, monthly household income, per capita GDP, investment data in major segments further split by industrial & commercial pockets, investment index (investment in state/ city vs. national). The reports also comprise lists of major live projects and project announcement trends.

    Sample ToC for Indian Economy and State Demographics

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    News Track & News Analytics
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    Customer Track
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    Competition Track
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    Data Mining & Analytics
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    Knowledge Support