Market Assessment services on Oil & Gas


Feedback has worked with stakeholders across the value chain of the Oil & Gas industry. Areas of specific expertise include LNG, CGD network, Pipeline, Shale gas, O&G Equipment, Crude oil, Petroleum products, Refinery, Fertilizer, Petrochemical, Pipelines and Petro retailing where Feedback has provided indepth market research services.

The Indian Oil & Gas Sector which is estimated to be about USD 120 billion is slated to reach USD 200 billion by 2020. India is the 4th largest consumer of crude oil and will overtake Japan to become the 3rd largest consumer by 2020. The Gas sector, currently witnessing a huge domestic shortfall will see increased activity through LNG and is likely to become a key driver for global LNG markets.

The engagements range from understanding the markets for Upstream O&G equipment & Services to demand for O&G products in End markets (Fuel Demand). Feedback has worked with key Indian & MNC firms in this sector and is well poised to help any investor in the Oil & Gas sector.

Sub Sectors

  • Exploration
  • Drilling
  • Production
  • Oil & Natural Gas Pipelines
  • LNG Terminals
  • Refineries
  • Fertilisers
  • Petrochemicals
  • CGD Networks
  • Gas & Downstream Petroleum products

Service Offerings

  • Industry research at a Country level
  • Demand supply assessment at catchment area level
  • Policy and Regulatory studies
  • Sectoral Dashboards
  • Company profiling- Risk scoring, results update, etc.
  • Detailed Project Feasibility Reports
  • Business plans for Setting up of LNG terminals, Retail outlets, Refineries, etc.
  • Business plans for Gas pipelines / CGD networks / Product pipelines
  • Formulating Entry / Exit strategy for players in new markets
  • Techno- economic viability studies
  • Tariff filing
  • Valuations
  • Transaction advisory
  • Bid advisory and process management

Some Interesting Projects

  1. Natural Gas demand – Gujarat

    Feedback consulted with a PE firm to assist them in their objective of investing in a gas pipeline firm in Gujarat. Feedback undertook a comprehensive, grass root level demand identification exercise and mapped Natural Gas usage / consumption by type of demand segment in 26 pockets in Gujarat, meeting over 800 firms. This exercise not only identified current NG demand at a segment level, but also future prospects for NG in Gujarat, resulting in the client taking the decision to invest INR 2.5 Bn in a Gas pipeline firm in India.

  2. Entry strategy – LPG

    Entry Strategy for a Global LPG firm into India. Feedback studied the entire market canvas including current demand, supply position, demand supply gaps, regulatory framework, pricing mechanism, distribution frameworks, sourcing practices, etc. to help chalk out the entry strategy.

  3. O&G Equipment & Solutions

    Demand Sizing of all key Oil & Gas Equipment & Solutions for a Global Leader in O&G business. Feedback assessed the demand for O&G Equipment and set out the potential for the next 5 years, to aid in framing their business plan for the Indian market.

  4. Industrial Lubricants

    Opportunity assessment for an MNC player in the Industrial Lubricants business in India. Feedback Consulting studied the usage pattern in various market segments to understand the nature of demand, prioritized segments based on extent & type of demand, understood purchase practices & criteria, importance given to the product, the decision makers, etc. to set out a road map for the client to expand their business operations.

  5. Natural Gas Demand

    Demand Assessment for NG in the states of Rajasthan & Andhra Pradesh. Feedback Consulting worked with a major Natural Gas Provider to conduct an in-depth assessment of various load centers and assess the demand for NG in these states which helped our client expand their operations into these states.