End to end Market Study Services on Logistics Sector


Feedback has done a variety of engagements in the Logistics industry, Warehousing industry& Retail industry and has understands its contours extremely well. We have undertaken over 100+ engagements in this sector and average around 8–10 new engagements every year. Feedback has some marquee clients in this area, spanning Logistics & Warehousing Companies, Retailing, Cold Chain Companies, Rack’s & Material Handling companies.

To support the India growth story, creating the necessary Supply Chain & Delivery mechanisms are critical. Increasing Organized sector participation has been a key trend in the Industry and opens up avenues for new business models to evolve in India. To address the growing demand, we have a strong team of consultants, constantly scanning the environment for new developments, change in regulations, etc. Our knowledge base, spanning over 2 decades, gives us an edge to advise our clients to make informed decisions.

Our team of consultants has the experience of working across the value chain and has undertaken / implemented complex engagements requiring in-depth understanding of the entire supply chain.

Sub Sectors


  • Rail
  • Road
  • Sea


Cold Chain

  • Food & Grocery
  • Healthcare
  • All Store Formats

Service Offerings

  • Market Entry or Expansion Opportunities - Go-To-Market

  • Value Chain Opportunity Assessment

  • Concept Reaction, Evaluation & Potential Assessment

  • Market Feasibility Engagements (Business Plan)

  • Financial Modelling & Feasibility Engagements

  • Partner Identification

  • Location Identification

  • Channel & Distribution Strategy

  • Pricing Engagements

  • Brand Equity & Perception

  • Usage, Attitude & Purchase Engagements

  • Market Sizing (Demand Side & Supply Side)

  • Market Forecasting

Some Interesting Projects

  1. Logistics & Warehousing
    • Opportunities In Third Party Logistics Business In India
    • Market & Financial Feasibility Study for a Logistics Park in Mumbai
    • Food Logistics Market in India and Opportunities for setting up Cold Chain Infrastructure in India
    • Feasibility of Multimodal Logistics Services
    • Overall Potential for Air Cargo Solutions in India
    • Market for Project Logistic Services in India
    • Feasibility Report to Set up Agri Warehouses at Select Centres in Rajasthan
    • Opportunity for an Integrated Warehousing Solution Provider In India (Storage Racks + Material Handling)
    • Market Acceptable & Growth Trend of Warehouse Automation Equipment (ASRS, Carousels) in India
    • Technology Adoption Trend & Future Opportunity in the Indian Logistics Industry
  2. Retail
    • Study of Retail & Distribution of Select Grocery and FMCG Products
    • Opportunities to set up Retail outlets inside Gated communities
    • Product Assessment for Select group categories at the Client’s Retail Chain
    • Retail Perspectives on Furniture & Accessories
    • Opportunity in Pharma Retail Chains in Select Cities in India
    • Market Feasibility & Opportunity to Set up a Large Wholesale Format in India