Market Research Services on Healthcare Sector


Feedback has worked across the eco system of healthcare sector and assisted companies in pharmaceuticals, medical consumables, medical devices, healthcare facilities etc. with a dedicated team of Consultants & Researchers having access to domain experts in this sector. Feedback’s clientele include Hospitals, Consumable Supplies, Equipment suppliers and Associations.

Healthcare is a one of the fastest growing markets in India with expected investments of over USD 500 billion in 5 years (2015 – 2020), required to bridge the delivery gap. These investments are expected across geographies and different types of healthcare facilities. 

Feedback also has consulting capabilities in various emerging markets in Africa and South East Asia. In a recent engagement, Feedback Consulting found opportunities for Indian and International firms to market HIV related products and services in Africa. Further, Feedback also identified a potential partner network in specific African countries for these products.

Feedback has access to an online panel consisting of over 19 million people across 65 countries, of which 800,000 panel members are in India as well. The panel includes all major industry players such as Doctors, Policy makers, Influencers, Key People in the Industry, etc.

Sub Sectors

  • Preventive & Primary Care
  • Hospitals (Secondary and Tertiary Care)
  • Diagnostic Centers & Path Labs
  • Telemedicine Centers
  • Wellness
  • Formulations
  • API / Bulk Drugs
  • Raw Materials Used in Pharma Manufacturing
  • Animal Health Products
  • Bio-Pharma
  • Bio-Services
  • Bio-Agri
  • Bio-Industrial
  • Bio-Informatics
  • Medical Equipment & Devices
  • Medical Implants
  • Medical Consumables, Disposables & Supplies
  • Healthcare IT
  • E-Health
  • M-Health
  • Cosmetics
  • Hygiene
  • Sanitation
  • Household Care
  • Healthcare / Pharma Retail
  • Insurance
  • Medical Furniture

Service Offerings

  • Market Entry or Expansion Opportunities - Go-To-Market

  • Value Chain Opportunity Assessment

  • Concept Reaction, Evaluation & Potential Assessment

  • Market Feasibility Studies (Business Plan)

  • Financial Modelling & Feasibility Studies

  • Partner Identification

  • Location Identification

  • Channel & Distribution Strategy

  • Pricing Studies

  • Brand Equity & Perception

  • Usage, Attitude & Purchase Studies

  • Market Sizing (Demand Side & Supply Side)

  • Market Forecasting

Some Interesting Projects

  1. Healthcare Delivery
    • Market Feasibility for Setting up a Chronic Care Specialty Hospital in Bangalore
    • Assessing Scope for an Integrated Healthcare facility in Hyderabad
    • Location Feasibility & Demand Estimation for setting up a Premium Hospital in East India
    • Feasibility and Demand Assessment for a Child and Women Care Hospital
    • Market Opportunity Assessment to set up Various Models Of Hospitals and Diagnostic Labs In India
    • Location Attractiveness study to set up a Short Stay Surgery Centre across 4 Cities in India
    • Consumer perception and Image change-over plan for an Existing Hospital
    • Prospects For an Ayurvedic Health Retreat
    • Market Opportunity for Wellness Services & Products in India
  2. Pharma & Biotechnology
    • Opportunity assessment for Monoclonal Antibodies in India
    • Market Opportunity for Pharmaceutical Grade Enzymes in India
    • Market Entry strategy for Pain Relieving Spray
    • Market Entry study for Anti Flatulents
    • Market Opportunity & Entry Strategy for Animal Healthcare Products (Therapeutics & Vaccines) in India & South East Asia
    • Market Study on Flexible Packaging and Specialty Labels in Pharma Manufacturing
    • Assessing Market Opportunities for Select Pharma Machinery in India
    • TOC Analyzers Future Market
  3. Medical Devices & Consumables
    • Scope assessment for portable clinical ECG monitors in select Indian cities (Dipstick)
    • Market Demand & Forecasting for Therapeutic & Imaging Equipment
    • Assessing Market for Select Infusion Therapy Products in India
    • Opportunity assessment for Microscopy & Life science imaging solutions in India
    • Competition Benchmarking on Customer Service in Select Medical Equipment in India
    • Concept testing and potential assessment for a patient monitoring device / service
    • Distributor identification for in select Cities In India
    • Product Placement – Retail & Consumer Behavior of Insulin Syringe users in Delhi & Meerut
    • Entry Strategy for a Client in Surgical Instruments in India
    • Market Opportunity for test Kits in India (Pregnancy, HIV kits, diagnostic kits, etc.)
    • Market Demand & Forecasting for Dental Equipment & Consumables in India
    • Market Entry – Orthopedic Implants in India
    • Business Opportunities in Web Based Virtual Microscopy in Education, Clinical & Research in India
  4. Healthcare IT & E-Health and M-Health
    • Market Study on PACS, Information System (Radiology, Cardiovascular) and Advanced Visualization Software in India
    • Need Gap Assessment in the Current Healthcare IT Solutions
    • Medical Information Market For Hospitals In India
    • Concept Study – Electronic Health Record Management
    • Opportunity assessment for Custom e-Learning Content Development Services in Pharmaceuticals Sectors
  5. Personal Care, Cosmetics, Hygiene and Sanitation
    • Market Entry Strategy for Adult Incontinence Products (Adult Diapers & Sanitary Napkins)
    • Market Demand for Baby Diaper Manufacturing Equipment in India
    • Market Opportunity – Disinfectants
    • Go-No-Go – Veterinary Disinfectant
    • Market study on Professional Hair Care Market in India
    • Indian Market for Cosmetics and Perfumery Industry
    • Potential Partner Identification in India for an International Cosmetics Products Company