After Market Assessment Services on Education Sector


Feedback has a strong background in education industry and an unmatched understanding of the education sector landscape, having worked with Schools, Universities, Skill Development Centres, E-Learning Companies & Allied Stakeholders.

India has over 1.4 million formal education establishments with a high level of disparity between the establishments in terms of quality of education delivered. With 230 million students enrolled in the formal system, government’s ambition to train 400 million (skill development) people by 2022, India’s demographic dividend and the private sector investing extensively in this sector, it opens up tremendous opportunities.

Feedback has worked with several educational institutes & chains to map out centres of learning based on location characteristics, identifying new services that could be introduced, reaction of parents, etc. Feedback has also worked extensively in the skill development space with both NGOs & educational institutes to map out attractive areas to invest in.

Feedback has access to an online panel of consumers across the globe spanning over 19 million members across 65 countries with 800,000 panel members in India.

Sub Sectors

  • Pre-school, K-12 & Coaching
  • Higher Education & Executive Education
  • Vocational Skills
  • Corporate Training
  • Self-Development
  • Individual Training
  • IT
  • Smart Class Rooms
  • E-Learning
  • Publishing
  • Stationary (Pen, Pencils, etc.)
  • Uniforms
  • Furniture
  • Shoe, etc.

Service Offerings

  • Market Entry or Expansion Opportunities - Go-To-Market

  • Value Chain Opportunity Assessment

  • Concept Reaction, Evaluation & Potential Assessment

  • Market Feasibility Studies (Business Plan)

  • Financial Modelling & Feasibility Studies

  • Partner Identification

  • Location Identification

  • Channel & Distribution Strategy

  • Pricing Studies

  • Brand Equity & Perception

  • Usage, Attitude & Purchase Studies

  • Market Sizing (Demand Side & Supply Side)

  • Market Forecasting

Some Interesting Projects

  1. Formal Education
    • Identifying Opportunities for Attracting Students to Study in Ireland
    • Detailed Project Report For Setting up a “Global Talent Academy” in the State of Karnataka
    • Evaluation of Opportunity To Set up K-12 Schools In Mumbai, Pune, Nasik, Nagpur And Lonavla
    • Study on Performance of Top Educational Institutes – Diploma / UG / PG Mapping Industry – Academia Interface Practices and Corporate & Alumni Perception Assessment of a Premium Institute in India
    • Feasibility Study to Set Up a International School in Mysore
  2. Informal Education
    • Concept Study to Introduce Teacher Training Programs in India
    • Qualitative Assessment of Impact of Client’s Self Education Program
    • Scope for Grooming Services in Hong Kong
    • Market Opportunities for IT Software Training in India
    • Feasibility to Set up a RIMS Training Centre in India
    • Market Entry Plan for Soft Skills & Technical Programs in the Hospitality & BPO Industry
  3. ICT in Education
    • An Engagement To Understand Usage of Information Technology (IT) In The Indian Education Sector
    • An Engagement to Understand Industry Structure and Value Chain of e-book Market in India
    • Concept Testing: E-Learning Training Modules for Corporate Soft skill development
  4. Allied Segments of Education
    • An Engagement To Assess Opportunities In The Stationery Business In India
    • Study to Assess Product Acceptance for Student Notebooks in Select Markets in India
    • Growth Assessment in the Art Material Market
    • Market Entry Opportunity for a New Business Model in the School Shoe Industry
    • Demand Estimation of School Furniture’s in India
    • Market Assessment & Consumer Needs in the Indian Stationary Market