Market Assessment Services on Capital Goods Sector


Feedback has conducted over 75 engagements in this sector spanning industrial machinery such as textiles, leather, chemicals, plastics, paper & pulp, environment, cement, etc. These engagements have involved analysing business situations, understanding the market dynamics, challenges & growth drivers, technology changes, etc. Further, Feedback engages with end user industries such as steel, chemicals, fertilizers, utilities, cement, etc. on a regular basis during the course of our work. This understanding of the end user market dynamics gives us a further advantage while studying the capital equipment market.

The last three decades, have witnessed increasing adoption of new / emerging technologies by the core sector industries. Feedback has worked with leading equipment and capital goods manufacturing firms, both domestic & international, to help them capitalize on this development

On an average we conduct 12–15 studies per year. Some typical engagements – new product introduction, understand need gaps of end user segments, develop strategies to increase their market share, etc.

Sub Sectors

  • Textiles Machinery
  • Washing, drying machine
  • Sewing Machine
  • Leather Machinery
  • Chemical Machinery
  • Pulp & Paper Machinery
  • Printing & Packaging
  • Plastic Machinery
  • Cement Manufacturing
  • Converters, ingot moulds & casting machines
  • Environment Control
  • Welding machinery
  • Dairy Machinery
  • Other industrial machinery

Service Offerings

  • Go-To-Market strategy

  • ‘Go No Go’ decisions

  • Business potential estimation

  • Usage, attitude and purchase behaviour

  • Evaluation of changing technologies

  • Market sizing and forecasting

  • Product pricing

  • Export markets

  • End user market trends

Some Interesting Projects

  1. Pharma machinery

    A leading manufacturer of pharma machinery wished to enter the Indian market. Feedback, studied the clients offerings, scanned the market to understand market requirements, likely fit for the clients offerings; price points; customer expectations, service requirements, purchase process, etc. and devised a market entry strategy for the client.

  2. Currency & Coin sorter machine

    Feedback assisted a leading international company in currency & coin sorters to initially identify the opportunity in key user segments such as banks, retail chains and entertainment industry in India. Further Feedback understood current practices in terms of sorting techniques used in these end use segments, solution cost, feasibility of shift, cost of shifting to client’s range of products and advised the client suitably on pricing and positioning. Feedback also helped to partner with the right distributors to address this market.

  3. Plastic & Rubber machinery

    The client, a leading supplier in the machinery industry wanted to make a foray into the plastics and rubber industry. Feedback evaluated the level of preparedness of the industry for the technology on offer, competition presence, growth prospects, likely potential, price willing to pay, etc. Feedback backed the market entry recommendation with a go to market strategy setting out the way forward.

  4. Wood Working machinery

    Feedback assessed the opportunity for wood working machinery in India for a leading Japanese company. The study helped the client identify potential in each end user industry segment – Furniture, Panel board, Saw mill & Plywood industry. Further, Feedback helped prioritise segment attractiveness based on potential, willingness to shift, price, segment profile.