Market Research Services - Air Conditioning and Refrigeration


Feedback provides customized market studies across the value chain in the Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (HVAC & R) sector covering Equipment & Solutions, Services, Components & Consumables.

Rapid urbanization and growing infrastructure along with the growth of real estate in India has been one of the key drivers for the HVAC&R Industry and this industry is slated to reach USD 4.2 billion by 2020. With nearly USD 2.2 billion wastage in Agricultural produce in India, there is a lot of untapped potential in the refrigeration industry. A host of such opportunities exists in the HVAC&R industry in India for all stakeholders in the HVAC&R value chain. Feedback Consulting has been working with firms in this space to help them achieve their business goals.

Feedback has a dedicated group within the Energy Vertical which focuses on HVAC&R related engagements in India, Middle East and also in South East Asia. We have over 15 years of experience in this sector and has worked on over 70+ engagements in the HVAC&R space in India.

We work across the value chain in the HVAC&R covering Equipment & Solutions, Services, Components, etc. Specific areas:

  • HVAC – Domestic
  • HVAC- Commercial & Industrial
  • Refrigeration – Domestic
  • Refrigeration - Commercial & Industrial
  • AC&R Components
  • AC&R Services

 Feedback caters to the entire value chain of the HVAC & Refrigeration Industry.



Service Offerings

  • Market Sizing

  • Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Concept Reaction & Evaluation

  • Channel & Distribution Assessment

  • Market Forecasting

  • Revisiting Marketing Plans

  • Customer Prospecting

  • Pricing

  • Business Potential

  • Value Chain Analysis

  • Customer Satisfaction Measurement

  • Partner Identification

  • Market Plan Assessment

  • Usage, Attitude & Purchase Assessment

  • Company Assessment

  • Risk Mitigation Solutions

  • Policy Impact Assessment

Some Interesting Projects

  1. Food display: Go to market strategy for seven countries

    Feedback assisted a Global Food Display major in devising a Go-To-Market strategy for South East Asia (six nations) and India. Feedback outlined the Complete Commercial Refrigeration market in these countries and identified the short & medium term opportunities through a comprehensive coverage of the Commercial Refrigeration industry in each of these markets. This involved a deep dive into the local retail markets – customer profile, channel, margins, pricing, etc.

  2. Condensers & Cooling Towers

    Feedback assisted a major American firm in Condensers & Cooling Towers with their India Entry Strategy. The firm is now well established in India. Feedback held discussions with all the relevant stakeholders in the industry with a view to mapping the complete Commercial and Industrial HVAC & Refrigeration industry, assessing the markets, identifying opportunity areas and suggesting the best way forward at an overall level as well as specific initiatives to be adopted.

  3. HVAC product features

    Feedback assisted a Global HVAC firm in developing new features for their HVAC products for the Middle East market. This was based on a detailed study of the HVAC market, need for HVAC systems, current usage practices, consumer/ user preferences, unmet needs, shortcomings of the current products, etc. across the four Middle Eastern nations.

  4. Cold chains

    Feedback helped a major PE Investment Fund take a decision on investing in a Cold Chain firm. Feedback studied the current and likely future demand for Cold Chain facilities by different demand segments and the competition to arrive at its recommendation.