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Distressed asset player India Resurgence Fund (IndiaRF) committed USD 156 million in debt and equity support to Archean group’s marine chemicals business. The investment will be used to refinance Archean Chemical Industries’ existing debt and towards capital investment to optimise output at a plant across all product lines. The investment will be used to refinance […]

Introduction: The automobile industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India. As India’s annual sales of vehicles soar, the number of vehicles to be scrapped on reaching the end of useful life and warranting proper automobile recycling facilities will also increase exponentially. Currently, India is in the process of finalizing regulations on recyclability […]

Introduction: With the soaring number of vehicles reaching the end of life of vehicle in India, both the government and private sector are looking at adopting best practices being followed by other developed nations in ELV recycling. Currently in India, scrapping is carried out in the informal sector and in poorly equipped units, resulting in […]

New business models will dominate the EV ecosystem The EV business throws up a lot of business possibilities for every stakeholder in the business. The current period is an exciting period where most firms are busy working on the Capex / OPEX and the business realisations of various business models. In the next 2-3 years, […]