Impact of Growth: Global Geotextile Market (2017-2022) - Feedback

Impact of Growth: Global Geotextile Market (2017-2022)

Did you know that the global Geotextile market was valued at USD 5.50 billion in CY-16 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11% during the period 2017 – 2022?

Delving deeper into the global Geotextile market, our comprehensive research revealed very interesting insights.

  • Asia Pacific is the fastest-growing regional market due to growing urbanisation, rising population and increased government investment in infrastructure development.
  • Ongoing and future demand for landscape restoration and reconstruction projects in developed countries like North America and Europe will result in an increased use of geotextiles.
  • Non-woven geotextiles, mostly preferred across regions due to its high usage in road construction, erosion control, drainage system construction, accounts for 60% market share.

Insights are categorised basis product, material, application & region and will give you a 360° understanding of the global Geotextile market, helping you formulate sound business strategies and decisions.

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