Impact of Growth: Global Decorative Concrete Market (2017-2022) - Feedback

Impact of Growth: Global Decorative Concrete Market (2017-2022)

Decorative concrete is a regular concrete with an added touch of patterns, unique colors and finishes. Unlike regular concrete, it is stronger, more durable and much more aesthetic. Owing to these properties it is widely used as a beautifying agent in hotel flooring, pool decks, driveways, patios and other structures that need embellishment.

Our Off The Shelf report on the global Decorative Concrete market unveiled some great insights. Interestingly, the Asia-Pacific region is projected to reap maximum gains from the growth in this industry, led by China in 2017 and followed by India. Also,

  • Global Decorative Concrete market was valued at USD 8.77 Billion in CY-16 with Stamped Concrete as market leader. Pricing along with wide array of options in concrete pattern and colors have fuelled the popularity of the commodity.
  • North America is also well poised to capture some of the gains from the trends in this space.

Insights are categorised based on type, end user, applications & region. Our report will give you a 360° understanding of the global Decorative Concrete market, helping you formulate sound business strategies and decisions.

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