Wonderla Holidays readies its third theme park at Hyderabad - Feedback

Wonderla Holidays Limited is hoping to earn Rs 60 crore in top-line in the first year from its third amusement park to be opened next month in Hyderabad.

Set up with Rs 250 crore, by far the biggest investment in a single place by the Kochi-based company, the over 50-acre Hyderabad amusement park will have several new features including the first of its kind reversing roller coaster, according to Arun K Chittilappilly, managing director of Wonderla Holidays Limited. The company currently operates two amusement parks in Kochi and Bangalore respectively while generating about Rs 200 crore revenues annually and attracting around 25 lakh visitors. Two years ago the company had raised Rs 180 crore from initial public offer(IPO) to build the theme park in Hyderabad.


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