US Sportswear brand New Balance debuts in India; to open 50 stores - Feedback

US sportswear brand New Balance has opened its first store in India at Noida’s DLF Mall. The company said it has drawn an ambitious plan for India, which will see its store strength go up to 50 in the next three years.

“We are looking to open 50 stores potentially in the next three years throughout the major metros, starting with the nothern cities,” said Darren Tucker, vice-president for Asia-Pacific at New Balance. “Once we establish our stores in north, we will move to other parts of the country.” The company did not specify the investment it is going to make in India. “When we say 50 stores, it is space dependent. We will focus on opening stores in the right locations rather than just opening 50 stores. So, if we only get 30 locations in three years, we might open 30 stores. But our target is to reach 50 stores,” Tucker said.

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