Truck, radial tyres imports up 40 % during April-June quarter – Feedback

India’s imports of radial tyres continued to grow in the fiscal first quarter despite a slowdown in the pace, driving local manufacturers to increase the pitch against what they called dumping by China and demand for a safeguard duty on supplies from abroad. Imports of truck and bus radial (TBR) tyres surged 40% during April-June, while those of passenger car radials increased 22%, the Automotive Tyre Manufacturers Association said.

According to the industry body, dumping of radial tyres has reached unprecedented levels. Tyre dealers, however, said they are against any move to ban imports or impose a new duty, and cited “overpricing” by the local manufactures for the increased imports. Imports of TBRs reached 1.5 lakh units a month from an average 1lakh units in fiscal 2016, ATMA said, citing government data. Over three years, the imports jumped sevenfold to 4.2 lakh units in Q1. The pace has slowed from 80% in the same period of 2015-16 and 115% in the year before that.

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