Transparent policies in India for investment in energy – Feedback

Seeking to provide affordable energy to the Indian consumers, the government has introduced transparent policies through the deregulated market for global players to invest in refineries and petrochemical plants, Oil and Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said in Singapore on Friday.

Launching a road show which offers 67 discovered small fields, clustered into 46 contract areas, for production and supply of oil and gas to the Indian market, he said India is seeking global investors for its energy sector to create competition in the domestic market with the main objective of providing competitively priced products to the consumers. “Consumers are the kings in India. We want to provide affordable energy to our consumers,” Pradhan said, stressing that participation by big energy players like Saudi Aramco, Shell, British Petroleum, Rosneft among others is important for developing and industrialising the energy sector in India.

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