Telemedicine market may touch Rs 200 crore mark by 2020 – Feedback

The country’s telemedicine sector is expected to double to $32 million (about Rs 210 crore) by 2020, industry body Assocham has said. Currently, the sector’s market size stands at $15 million (about Rs 100 crore), it said.

“With limited resources and much of the population living in remote, rural areas (68 per cent), telemedicine has the potential to revolutionise delivery of healthcare in India,” it said. Telemedicine involves use of telecommunication and information technology in extending healthcare facilities particularly in remote areas. The chamber said efforts are needed to create an overarching framework from primary to district healthcare centres and issues like bandwidth and connectivity need to be fixed to boost the sector’s growth. “Growth of a sustainable telemedicine network in India depends upon introduction of legal frameworks, development of national e-health policies, trained human resource and regular funding,” it added.

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