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T-Hub, a tech incubator, has announced a list of 70 start-ups for its Lab32, a fresh cohort for a 6-month programme.

“Lab32 programme is designed to help the selected startups to scale in such a way that they get new customers and earn more revenue. We will figure out the right business model for them and help them go-global,” Srinivas Kollipara, Chief Operating Officer of T-Hub said in a statement on Wednesday. Startups, who could not make it this time can apply in October, he added.

6 month cohort comprises Playbook, a tool developed by T-Hub’s technology team that will track growth and support in the scaling of the start-ups in the market. “It will also have a second component – Startup Buddy, a dedicated mentor for each start-up, every day,” he said. The start-up buddy assigned to each startup will either be an experienced investor, venture capitalist or a C-level startup leader.


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