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Sun Pharma has announced a distribution alliance in Japan with Mitsubishi Tanabe for a phased transfer of manufacturing and marketing rights of 14 products that it acquired from Novartis earlier this year as part of a $293 million deal. Sun’s products are part of the long-listed and established prescription brands and includes Parlodel, Lamsil, Nitroderm and Lopressor.

In March, Sun had said the brands have combined annualized revenues of approximately $160 million and address medical conditions across several therapeutic areas. It had also stated that the acquired brands will be marketed by a reliable and established local marketing partner under the Sun Pharma label, adding that the local marketing partner will be responsible for distribution of the brands. The prescription brands will be transferred from Novartis Pharma K.K. to Sun Pharma’s subsidiary in Japan beginning October 2016. “Under this alliance, following the transfer of manufacturing & marketing rights to Sun Pharma’s subsidiary in Japan, Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation will market and distribute all the 14 brands as well as provide information on their proper use to healthcare professionals,” Sun said in a press statement.

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