Solar cell prices to fall as China produces more than demand – Feedback

China is poised is to do solar photo-voltaic cell manufacturing what it did to steel, aluminium and coal. Produce so much that it leads to oversupply and prices crash.

According to Bridge to India, a renewable analysis firm, recent market reports suggest that an oversupply situation is building up in photo-voltaic module manufacturing in China, especially for the second half of 2016 and this is likely to lead to significant price corrections in the market. “China has a target of supporting 18 gigawatt of solar installations in 2016 against 15 gigawatt of actual capacity addition in 2015. It is estimated that 13 gigawatt of solar capacity was installed in the first half itself. As a result, demand is expected to slow down sharply in the remaining part of the year,” Bridge to News said in a recent report. Analysts from IHS research believe that PV installations in China in Q3-2016 may drop by as much as 80%

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