Power prices climb to a year’s high on heavy mist in North – Feedback

Power prices climbed to a year’s high as heavy mist enveloped north India. Peak-hour electricity prices for the region rose above Rs 4 per unit onpower exchanges and touched Rs 5 per unit in the South. Electricity bills of consumers may go up this winter in these areas, while they may drop in regions supplying electricity, such as the west and east.

Mist can cause transmission lines to trip and authorities have started regulating power supplies as a precautionary measure, according to experts. This has resulted in power remaining unsold in surplus regions such as west and east India and a deficit in other parts, where prices have risen. “Dense mist along with pollutants sips into the non-conductor ceramics that separate the metal wires from the poles. Pollutants are mostly electricity conductors and lead to short circuits and high-vol tage transmission lines trip,“ said Rajesh K Mediratta, director of business development at the Indian Energy Exchange.


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