Power generation to meet 12th Plan target – Feedback

Power generation will be 100 per cent of the envisaged capacity addition target of 88,537 megawatt (Mw) by the end of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan. The sector has missed targets despite them being scaled at times over the previous two Plan periods.

The achievement now is 99.4 per cent and this will likely climb to 100 per cent by March 2017, when the Twelfth Plan ends. This is largely due to capacity increases by private and state thermal power producers, while hydroelectric projects are lagging behind targets. The enhanced thermal power generation is attributed to improved fuel supply, with coal availability increasing to a historic high and gas supply brought to order through auctions. During the Tenth Plan period (2002-07), the government had set a target of adding 41,110 Mw. The actual capacity added was 20,950 Mw, 49 per cent of the target. The position worsened during the Eleventh Plan period (2007-2011). The original target of 78,577 Mw was revised to 62,000 Mw, and the actual capacity addition was 50,000 Mw.


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