Panasonic plans 10 MW energy storage system in Haryana - Feedback

Panasonic India and AES India announced an agreement to construct a 10-MW energy storage system in Jhajjar, Haryana. The energy storage system will come up in Panasonic’s Technopark manufacturing facility and is a large scale battery-based energy storage project.

“The storage will provide daily reliability and back-up to the manufacturing facility, while demonstrating grid stability and renewable integration services in the region. The project combines Panasonic’s capabilities as a lithium-ion batter supplier and AES’ platform,” an official statement said. “The global energy storage market has entered a new growth phase and Navigant Research projects that more than 11 GW of energy storage capacity will be installed annually by 2020 in 22 countries,” the statement added. AES claims its designs for energy storage solutions can be used for both utility scale and behind-the-meter applications and allows for configurations from 100 KW to over 1,000 MW.

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