Oil consumption growth likely to spike this fiscal year – Feedback

Oil consumption growth in the current fiscal year will likely exceed 10.9% of the previous year, if the current consumption trend continues, an oil ministry arm has said. A 7.8% jump in the consumption of petroleum products in the country in April-June, compared to 5.2% in the year-ago period, has prompted this prediction from the Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell (PPAC).

“Typically, April-June is sluggish in performance than the rest of the year. Going by the trend, it’s likely petroleum products consumption growth for 2016-17 could be better than that of last year,” the PPAC said in its monthly review. A higher fuel consumption signifies faster clip of economic growth for the country, currently growing at 7.6% annually. In April-June, the biggest consumption growth was recorded in petrol (10%), liquefied petroleum gas (7.8%), fuel oil (22.9%), bitumen (13.9%) and aviation turbine fuel (12.1%). For diesel, the most consumed petrol product in India, it rose 4.7%. Kerosene dived 7.7% following a general shift towards cooking gas and increased power availability.


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