Med Harbour to invest 100 CR in the Indian healthcare industry – Feedback

Med Harbour today announced an investment of INR 100 CR in the Indian healthcare industry. The company plans to strengthen its presence in India and the investment would be primarily focused towards Infrastructure Development, R&D, HR Training, Marketing & Promotional activities.

Med Harbour family clinic, Gurgaon and Delhi are the only clinics in the entire Northern region of India to have services ranging from multispecialty OPD’s, specialized spine & knee treatments, pain management center, physiotherapy & rehabilitation and a path lab under one roof along with online presence which puts it as the first Omni-channel health care provider. Also, with the growing need of immediate consultation and limited excess to experienced medical practitioners, the Company has launched a dedicated online platform ‘’ for real time online video consultation and appointment services with highly experienced doctors & medical experts. This platform is foremost in its class & has established a strong interface to connect people with the most reliable medical consultation irrespective of geographical boundaries.

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