Maharashtra to soon introduce Energy Conservation policy – Feedback

The Maharashtra government will soon come up with an Energy Conservation policy which will aim at enhancing the technology required to improve electricity generation.

The draft of the policy, prepared in line with the Centre’s Energy Conservation Policy of 2001 has been uploaded on the government’s website and recommendations have been invited from experts to strengthen it, a statement released by the state Energy department said.“Increase in development and growing population of the state has caused a rise in the demand for electricity. Keeping in mind the development of industries, there will be a further rise in energy demand,” it said. As per the release, most of the electricity being generated today is through non-renewable sources like coal, fuels, etc which causes an imbalance in nature, increases pollution and is a factor causing global warming. “Also since these resources are fast depleting, we may not have enough of them in future. Thus these resources need to be used wisely,” it added.

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