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At a time when beverage giants such as Coca-Cola are planning to opt for plastic packaging (bottles), US fried chicken chain KFC is trying to go the opposite way. Starting with its Rice Bowlz, it will introduce edible packaging in the country later this week.

Previously made of plastic, the bowls that are used to serve rice and gravy will now be made of tortilla. This is the Yum Brands-owned company’s second attempt at readyto-eat packaging after edible coffee cups in UK. “This is an India-first innovation and may be adopted in KFC’s global markets,” said Rahul Shinde, MD of KFC India. Rice Bowlz is one of the best-sellers on KFC’s menu here and contributes around 5-6% to its domestic revenues while fried chicken contributes more than 50%. KFC will pilot the project in Bengaluru, keeping in mind the Karnataka govern ment’s ban on plastic that was imposed last month.


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