Japan’s ORIX, IL&FS form joint venture for clean energy projects – Feedback

IL&FS today said that Japan-based financial services Group ORIX Corp has set up a joint venture with it to expand presence in wind energy and plans to implement 2,000 MW solar power projects in India. “ORIX Corporation has expanded its presence in the renewable energy sector, through a joint venture with IL&FS for the Wind Energy business in India,” IL&FS said.

According to the statement, the partnership is also targeted to implement 2,000 MW of solar power generation. ORIX has invested 49 per cent of the equity of the Wind Platform of IL&FS aggregating to 1,004 MW, of which 775 MW is operational, and the balance is under construction. ORIX is a major player in renewable energy business in Japan including solar, wind, biomass, power trading and retailing. ORIX is also one of the largest corporates in Japanese solar power generation market with a 1 GW multi-location portfolio.


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