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iScholar, a start-up that provides online courses, has partnered with Anand Kumar of Super30 fame, in an effort to bring down costs of IIT-JEE entrance exam coaching by 90 per cent. Kumar is the brains behind Bihar-based Super30, which yearly selects 30 meritorious students from socially disadvantaged backgrounds aspiring to get into IITs. “We know that students coached by Kumar have a 100 per cent success rate when it comes to IIT entrance.

A typical IIT-JEE preparation course runs for a whole year and costs Rs. 60,000 onwards. The annual fees for the iScholar courses works out to Rs. 6,000, which includes features such as access to content, computer-based training coaching in real-time and interaction with faculty. For students who do not have access to internet, the start-up will provide downloadable courses. “The courseware will help more aspiring students to get into IIT,” said Kumar. iScholar students will get access to professors such as Aniruddh Sinha, Ravi Ahlawat, Kashish Mathur and Akhil Narayan.

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