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Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have successfully developed a system that can use iron-based dyes in solar cells . It will drastically reduce costs of these cells and bring down cost of generation.

“The new findings will accelerate development of inexpensive and environmentally friendly solar cells. The goal is to be able to use iron-based dyes in solar cells in the future,” said the university in a statement. At present solar cells are made from Ruthenium dyes to capture sunlight. But is 100 million times less common than iron and hence the high cost. “By using iron instead of other more expensive and rare metals, the production of solar cells and light catchers will become cheaper and more environmentally friendly. The demand for solar cells is therefore expected to significantly increase,” the statement said. “In this new study, we explain how iron-based dyes work on a molecular level. That way we are able to further improve these iron complexes so that they become even better at absorbing and storing solar energy,” says senior lecturer Petter Persson.

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