Internet to influence $11 bn of beauty, hygiene sales in India by 2020 – Feedback

Capturing the growing influence of the internet on beauty and hygiene (B&H) products, a report released by Google and Bain & Co. on Friday revealed it would influence $11 billion of the total sales in the FMCG sector for such products by 2020.

This represents two-thirds of B&H sales of $17 billion in 2020, the report said. While the total influence of the internet will impact $35 billion worth of FMCG sales, which is 1/3rd of total sales, in India, beauty and hygiene will see two times higher impact as more and more users get online to research in this category, the report said. Projecting the growth of online shoppers who will buy beauty and hygiene products online, the report estimated 130 million Indians to shop online by 2020 making the internet a prominent sales channel forming 20 percent of total sales estimated to be $3 billion.

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