Industrybuying expecting to increase gross merchandise value to Rs 13 crore – Feedback

Business-to-business ecommerce firm Industrybuying expects to increase its gross merchandise value or GMV to about Rs 13 crore by the last quarter of 2016, from about Rs 8 crore in May.

The Delhi-based company has introduced a number of features in the past one year to make it easier for companies to buy their supplies from its online platform, co-founder Rahul Gupta told. Set up in 2013, the startup expects to double its run rate to Rs 150 crore over the next two quarters. It saw more than fourfold growth in the number of sellers on its platform to 4,500 by May from 1,000 a year ago. Similarly, the number of customers grew to 150 enterprises and 75,000 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from 40 enterprises and 25,000 SMEs in one year. Customer visits grew to 15 lakh a month from around four lakh during this period. The portal sees repeat purchases from 30-35% of its customers, with an average transaction size of around Rs 5,000.

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