India's installed solar capacity reached 6,000 MW in 6 years - Feedback

India is on track to become one of the largest installers of solar power globally as its installed solar capacity has reached 6,000 megawatts from 10 megawatts in less than six years, according to a solar power manufacturer.

Kolkata-headquartered Vikram Solar believes the government’s ambitious International Solar Alliance (ISA) reflects India’s strong commitment towards the sector. “Rewind to 2010, India was at 10MW installed capacity of solar. Fast-forward to 2016, we are at 6GW or 6,000MW. In less than six years, we have achieved such a large leap. So I have no doubt in my mind that India can and will be one of the largest installers of solar power globally. “It is already one of the top five. ‘Make in India’ as well as the solar mission is actually a good combination and we should be able to merge that and make it happen successfully,” Managing Director and CEO of the company Gyanesh Chaudhary told PTI during a recent visit to London.

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