India announces Repowering Policy for wind energy projects – Feedback

In a bid to infuse a new lease of life in India’s wind energy sector, the Narendra Modi government today announced a new policy for repowering of wind power projects. The policy has the potential to turn around a bulk of the 27,000 Megawatt of the existing installed wind generation capacity in the country.

Repowering refers to replacing ageing wind turbines with more powerful and modern units in order to raise electricity generation levels at the refurbished wind sites. The process involves replacing old machines with fewer, larger and taller modern units which are quiter, more reliable and can produce more electricity. The objective of the Repowering policy is to promote optimum utilization of wind energy resources by creating a facilitative framework, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) said in a statement. India had started harnessing wind power around 1990 and the present installed capacity of over 27,000 Mw is fourth largest in the world after China, USA and Germany.

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