IBMS braces for 1,50,000 bridge projects – Feedback

Ensuring hassle-free and smooth transportation facilities across the country, Indian Bridge Management System (IBMS), a newly launched body, aims to build about 1,50,000 bridge projects, transport ministry sources said, adding that till date, 1,15,000 bridges have been inventorised, of which 85,000 are culverts and the rest are bridges.

As a matter of fact, IBMS has been developed to create an inventory of all bridges in the country and rate their structural condition so that timely repair and rehabilitation work can be carried out, based on the criticality of the structure. In addition to the structural rating, the bridges are also being assigned Socio-Economic Bridge Rating Number which it will decide the importance of the structure in relation to its contribution to daily socio-economic activity of the area. To ensure proper and timely upkeep of bridges, the government has started creating a database of these structures. Poor condition of bridges hampers efficient transport and has also led to accidents and loss of lives on several occasions.

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