GE unveils digital solution for wind farms – Feedback

GE announced the launch of its Digital Wind Farm Solution in India on Wednesday. The solution leverages big data and analytics and pairs it with wind turbines to create a digital infrastructure of wind farms. The company claims that such a digital infrastructure, helps enhance production, reduce costs and boost productivity over the life of the wind farm.

Apart from the digital solution, GE also unveiled its latest wind turbine hardware which comes with enhanced control technology, 94 metre tower height with 116 metre diameter rotors. “As India advances toward its clean energy goals, GE Renewable Energy has been actively partnering in the country’s progress. Our Digital Wind Farm technology enables integration of higher amounts of wind energy,” said Anne McEntee, President & CEO, GE’s Onshore Wind business. “The Digital Wind Farm leverages the Industrial Internet and GE’s Predix platform to improve performance, optimise operations and business performance,” a company statement added.

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