Covestro products to replace metal usage in tech, auto sectors – Feedback

Covestro AG, the recently carved out plastic and chemical subsidiary of Bayer AG, is working on innovative products to replace usage of metals in various sectors, including automobiles and IT sector.

Frank H Lutz, Chief Financial Officer, Covestro, told BusinessLine that the company is developing carbon reinforced polycarbonate sheets which will be stronger than steel and can reduce weight by more than half. To start with, early next year the company will introduce carbon reinforced polycarbonates that would replace metals in computer cases, he said. The original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are under intense pressure to reduce carbon footprints that they are open to any suggestions, said Lutz. The replacement of metal from computer casing will also bring down the cost for consumers as energy plays an important role in determining production cost. The energy that goes into production of aluminium is much higher than producing polycarbonate sheets.

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