Centre to utilise waterways to transport logistics – Feedback

Looking to bring down the cost of logistics, government would utilise waterways in the country to transport goods including fertiliser, cement and steel, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said Tuesday. Gadkari said this hailing the arrival of car carrier ship MV Dresdan with 500 cars at Coachin Port.

This is a successful experiment and effective utilisation of this (waterways) system will help increase water transport in the country, Gadkari, Minister for Road Transport and Highways said here. “We want to diversify road traffic to water transport,” he said adding goods transportation through water costs barely 20 paise per km in comparison to Rs 1.5 a km through road and Re 1 per km through railways. The logistics cost in India is 18 per cent, which is higher than China (8-10 per cent), Japan (10-12 per cent) and European Union (8-12 per cent), he noted. “Now this can be a very successful experiment by which we can take cargo including fertiliser, cement and steel on the water,” he told reporters.


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