Cabinet approves Rs 10,700-crore investment in new rail lines - Feedback

The Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved a proposal to construct new railway lines and double existing tracks for Rs 10,700 crore to increase freight and passenger carrying capacity across half-a-dozen states.

The projects include doubling of 190-km Hubli-Chickajur line at a cost of Rs 1,294 crore, construction of a 132-km line between Wardha and Balharshah for Rs 1,443 crore and doubling of a 160-km Ramna-Singrauli line involving an investment of Rs 2,675 crore. The other projects approved include the construction of 165-km line between Annupur and Katni, doubling of 261-km Katni–Singrauli railway line at a cost of Rs 2,084 crore, and construction of a bridge and doubling project of Rampur Dumra to Rajendra Pul sector in Bihar for Rs 1,700 crore.

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