Bosch’ BSH Household Appliances plans India specific products – Feedback

BSH Household Appliances, a part of Germany’s diversified group Bosch, plans to strengthen R&D set up in India in order to drive innovation for products specific to the local market.

The company, which is in the process of investing 100 million euros (around Rs 750 crore) in the next five years on enhancing factory and setting up of an R&D unit, also plans to add 140 brand stores in next two years taking its count to 200. “It would be not a full fledged large R&D center but smaller one for India specific product,” BSH Household Appliances Manufacturing MD and CEO Gunjan Srivastava told PTI when asked about R&D centre in India. Elaborating further on the plan, he said: “The intention is to understand the Indian consumers and make innovation for the Indian market. It is not going to create new technology for our global centers.”

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