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Mumbai-based air conditioning major Blue Star is planning to integrate its air conditioners with air purifiers in collaboration with companies based in China and the US. Having entered the air purifier category this summer, the 70-year-old company is also seeking technology from IIT Madras to come up with such products, which will be the first of its kind in India.

B Thiagarajan, Executive Director and President, Blue Star, said, “This summer, we have entered the Rs. 275-crore air-purifier category and are looking at integrating the product with our air conditioners. “Air conditioners already have micro filters, and purifiers can be added to it. We are working with companies in the US and China to bring this product.” It has also made an entry into the air cooler segment this summer to cater to middle-class Indians living in dry climates in cities such as Nagpur and Delhi. “We want to participate in the growth story of the Indian middle class with our air coolers, since we are a premium player in air conditioners,” he said.

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