After coffee, Tata Global Beverages looks to expand its tea retail venture - Feedback

The Rs 68.15-billion Tata Global Beverages proposes to scale up its tea retail venture Tata Cha as initial feedback to its pilot stores in Bengaluru remains positive. The plan is to take Tata Cha to more cities as the company looks to expand into adjacencies.

Tata Cha was launched last year in the tech capital with one store, which was subsequently scaled up to a total of four outlets this year. The stores provide hot and cold tea-based beverages, traditional snacks and meals, all aimed at elevating the neighbourhood tea stall experience.The concept, say company officials, has become a hit with office-goers and millennials in the city, who are constantly on the lookout for good places to eat and hang out. “Tea retail is a concept we are testing and is an interesting area to explore as consumers seek innovative beverage options and formats,” Ajoy Misra, managing director and chief executive officer, Tata Global Beverages, said.

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