ABB India, IIT Madras to develop multi-village microgrid models – Feedback

To strengthen UAY scheme, ABB India and IIT Madras will collaborate to develop a power management system to optimise the operation of multiple microgrids, with and without grid connection, while managing electricity supply to villages.

This system will also enable the integration of individual solar photovoltaic (PV) rooftops to a village microgrid, ABB India said in a filing to BSE. The government is looking at a generation capacity of 40 GW in the next five years through grid connected rooftop solar PV and small scale solar PV plants. Such clusters have the capability of generating and using renewable energy locally from one kilowatt to a few hundred kilowatts. It is imperative to network such locally distributed nano or microgrids for optimal usage of renewable power across users, keeping in mind the dynamic demand/supply situation.

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