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Recently I had the opportunity to present a session at NHRD Pune Chapter (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/nhrd-pune-chapter-presents-workshop-hr-analytics-nhrdn-pune-chapter) As part of a day-long HR Analytics workshop.  Apart from Feedback Consulting, other speakers included experts from technology firms TCS, IBM and research firms KPMG and Cerebrus Consultants indicating how Analytics as a field is at the interaction of research and […]

There are always 2 hats to wear to look at research study from both the business perspective and research techniques which are been deployed. The Business Thinking tends to focus on outcomes Each question is vital which helps resolve a business problem! There is a strong temptation to cram in more questions. The thinking is […]

You cannot report what is not captured and hence it is important to be double sure on what one wants from a customer interaction in the shortest possible time. Some points that can really help building an effective communication with the customers with a structured questionnaire are as below: Respondents have a really short attention […]

Often when Questionnaires are drafted, business executives presume that respondents are going to hand in the silver bullets/ magic pills to their business problems. So if we want to run a channel impact/engagement study to help meet the business objective of increasing sales for Firm X, there is a temptation to just ask the channel […]