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Ganesh Jayaraman is Senior Consultant at Feedback Business Consulting Pvt Ltd. For more information on Customer Satisfication Improvement Programs, you can reach him at

Customer Satisfaction traditionally is viewed as a function of delivery i.e. what you promised the customer and what was delivered. The aspects judged are product and service interaction with customers with aspects of brand positioning / promise were not factored into into such assessments. In recent engagements, some of my clients were stumped by an […]

A colleague of mine who is an astute program manager and business consultant asked me this question recently what is the difference between Stakeholder Management and Stakeholder Engagement and are they interchangeable ? My quick thoughts on this subject. What is Stakeholder Management ?  The term Management by itself indicates working within constraints(managing with less […]

In a given firm it is safe to say there are multiple change management initiatives running at the same time which vie for the time and attention of key executives some examples of corporate initiatives Sales transformation Value articulation Employee engagement IT Transformation Process improvement Leadership Development Key Account Management Tools & Reuse Sustainability so […]

It is interesting to note there are several aspects of B2C marketing which is slowly becoming mainstream even in B2B marketing initiatives but one intervention which does not translate easily are customer loyalty programs Customer Loyalty Programs in the B2C scenario is pretty straight forward, you create a loyalty card for customer, provide price discounts […]

A very insightful article was published by Mr. Chris Bucholtz on the 5 key technology trends businesses should adopt going forward in 2015 and beyond. Article Courtesy The 5 trends in the article explores how technologies can enable firms to be more effective in their customer acquisition and retention processes:- Complex Price Quotations Customer […]

Most B2B firms worth their salt have a formal annual customer satisfaction/ engagement survey which is usually conducted by a central business enabling function i.e. marketing or a quality department. Firms usually review and act on the feedback at a company level Impressive read-outs, analysis are presented to CXOs, boards and management councils in an […]